How to read RC522 RFID with arduino


RC522 is the high integrated RFID card reader which works on non-contact 13.56mhz communication which is designed by NXP ( Phillips) as a low power consumption, low cost and compact size read and write chip, in the development of smart meters and portable hand-held devices.

In this article, we are going to learn how to add the proper libraries and view the corresponding output. since it works on SPI protocol, we have to connect the SPI pins of the RFID to the SPI pins of the microcontrollers. Here we are going to interface the reader to the arduino. So i have given the entire circuit diagram and connection details below. follow the steps as per the picture.

Materials Required:-

  1. Arduino uno
  2. MF RC522 RFID module
  3. jumper wires

Adding Libraries:-

If you google it, you can find a lot of libraries. But i have downloaded the libraries from here. This library is more user friendly for the coding developers.

Download the RFID Library

Add the library to the library manager and make sure that you have added the library properly.

Restart Arduino IDE

Open Example programs for circuit connections:-

Pin connections for connection with various types of arduino found at the beginning of the code

Circuit Diagram with Arduino UNO

Download the code to the arduino IDE


Result and observation:-

Place the RFID card above the reader

  open Serial Monitor

scanning on progress


Now you can find the value of the tag as i shown in the figure. In the next article, i will show you how to make a security application with the RFID tag.

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